Sequin Backdrop

Strive to bewilder and bewitch your guests with a shimmer and glimmer decorations? This glittery sequin backdrop is specially designed and crafted to make your guests and bystanders awestruck at your opulence, generosity and grandeur. Shimmery sequins are brilliantly stitched to ensure no piece of the cloth is left out. Flip the backdrop around if you desire to ooze pure royal sheen and feel into your party space. Perfect for wedding photo shoots, photography sessions, photo booth, backdrops for weddings, backdrops for birthday party, and for any other special occasion. Transform your party space into a divine realm by complementing this deluxe sequin backdrop.Find great deals at for top quality sequin photo backdrop,gold sequin backdrop,silver sequin backdrop,rose gold sequin backdrop,black sequin backdrop,gold sequin backgrounds .
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